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Thursday, 23 October 2014
Windows XP Registry Cleaners
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Friday, 27 March 2009

For those wondering which are the Best Windows XP Registry Cleaners on the market today then here is a quick and free guide that will help you and save you hours on research. ( if you are in a hurry then check out our review link below as it compares some of the most popular windows xp registry cleaners for 2009 )

With so many registry cleaners products available online now and of course they all claiming to be the best, isn't it any wonder you could be confused on which one to choose. Well why not remove all the guesswork and possibly hours on researching for the best windows xp registry cleaners by following this simple guide on the "hould have feature list". Remember, the best windows XP registry cleaners will have all most of the following :-

The Basics -
(a) Free Scan Option - This allow you to run a free scan to diagnose registry errors on your computer. 
(b) Backup / Restore option - Automatically backups up your registry and allows a restore of it at any point in the future.
(c) Scehduler - Allows you to automate the running of the registry scan for any time of the day / week month / year.
(d) Easy User interface.
(e) Offers Full 24x7 Support to answer any questions you may have ( most of the free tools out there cannot offer this ).

More Advanced Features - 
The best windows xp registry cleaners will also include features like :
(f) Memory Tweaker - This will reduce memory usage on your computer and therefore increase its speed.
(g) System Optimizer - This optimizes your computer to run at the optimal speed by disabling any unnecessary applications or services that maybe running on your pc.
(h) Evidence Eraser - A neat yet important tool that remove all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information while improving your computer's overall performance.
(i) Junk File Cleaner - This cleans up the junk files on your pc to provide more free space on your hard drives.
(j) Uninstall Manager - Allows you to manage the programs installed on your system without having to go through the Control Panel ( many computer novices don't even know where to find this ). This can drastically reduce boot up time for your computer That's it in a nutshell.

If whatever windwos xp registry cleaner your choose has all of the above then I can guarantee you it will do a great job of cleaning your registry and speeding up your computer too.

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